For those playing at home……

Well if you look at my rough itinerary today I should be on my way to my friends home for the night in Coffs Harbour, unfortunately or if you asks some of my friends deliberately I have been kept in Port Kembla.

A couple of coinkydinky things have happened from a dream that told me to leave on a Tuesday, a daughter who told me to leave on a Tuesday and a shit load of rain that told me to leave the following Tuesday, and then the waiting to see if I had indeed contracted covid to only find out that it was only a flu.

So that is where I find myself today…….Thursday 2 days after my proposed departure grateful the little ever so slight pushes in the right direction, even if at the time seemed like an inconvenience has now been recognised as a blessing in disguise.

As I take myself to bed I will think of those who aren’t as fortunate as me and have lost everything in the recent floods.

Goodnight peeps āœŒšŸ»

2 thoughts on “For those playing at home……

  1. I hope you find you on your journey, and your travels bring you enjoyment, enlightenment and new friends. Looking forward to seeing you, and watching your adventures as you live your dreams. xxx

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