This is it

Well time to hit the road. It’s been so nice to be here for my mum and dad I owe them so much. Dad has made sure I’m ready to go. But it wouldn’t be Mels Misadventures without a rocky start. So today I proceeder to make my tent bed to find it has leaked so first stop Kings 4WD Coffs Harbour so we can start the warranty process. They have said they can replace if required at anyone of our stores.

Had a lovely breakfast with the big sis at the coffee shop where the girls knew my order. I hope to find cute coffee shops with awesome baristas on the road. Even managed to get some of their coffee to go 😊. If your ever in Old Bar I highly recommend buyi Espresso Bar.

However I need to get cracking. Before the next rain event comes this week coming.

#roadtrip #camping #mouldystart #coffee #adventures #backtotheygypsy #Melsmisadventures

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