First stop…..supercheap auto

You know I kind of think my Mels Misadventures may need a name change…’s misadventure was proudly brought to you by Melanie stripping a bolt screw on her jockey wheel…not only did I have to replace the wheel but the brace as well.

The lovely dude at the Caravan park was so nice he made sure I could leave the trailer behind and then when I found the replacement (the last one left in the shop) he stuck around and showed me how to put it all back together again.

He then helped me with the awning as well and then checked up on me after. So kind and I’m very grateful.

So let’s hope from now on I screw it all back in correctly.

Also managed on my way up to drop in to the Big Pineapple unfortunately due to covid it wasn’t open to the public however got a selfie in. The first of many BIG things.

A big shout out to my friend Suz who’s provided me with a perfect travel buddie I’ve named her Greta the Gnome. Watch out for her many appearances.

Anyway must get to sleep sunrise is calling me. 😊

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