Noosa šŸ‘Œ

Sunshine beach what a great name for a beach a beautiful morning walk. I imagine if the clouds had disappeared this would be an even more spectacular Sunrise.

Then off to Eumundi Markets. I still can’t believe I controlled myself and didn’t buy that beautiful black and embroided red roses dress…yep it came this close to adding to the many wonderful dresses I have.

Then the piece de resistance….Noosa Main Beach just beautiful, pretty flat but the water was perfect and even managed to get a park right on the beach šŸ˜. Definitely looking forward to knowing this little gold nugget will only be a couple of hours away from my new home. Even Greta the Gnome got some sunbaking in šŸ™ƒ.

Then dinner at the Marina ……. perfect way to end the day. āœŒļø

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