Rain Rain 🌧

So day 1 first night at Hervey Bay, what does it do…..it rains.

So I’m woken to sloosh as the puddle from the roof top tent awning empties to the top of the awning. I stay awake a little while thinking πŸ€” “well I wonder how this awning will cope with a bit of rain”. Kept me awake for a good couple of hours as I watch the puddles grow until another whoosh signalled the sinking of the awning….I just watched and thought oh well worry about that in the morning.

Morning I crawled out of the roof top tent to find that over night clearly smurfs had moved in as the whole awning was significantly shorter, as the puddles had grown heavy enough to weigh it all down.

So putting my engineering head together (🀣🀣) and I swear someone told me pool noodles will help.

So off to Kmart I go and 2 pool noodles later and the next nights rainfall proves that my engineering goddess powers have paid off no pooling water….for 2 sections…..not sure how to fix the other part however I’ll keep thinking. Any suggestions from fellow engineers are always welcome.

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