Mosquitoes or as I fondly call them Vampires

So as I lay in bed in my tent fortress, something I’ve wanted since my original blanket fortresses I had as a kid. When I realised as I was watching the beautiful sunrise over Mount Archer with about 20 vampires trying to get in to suck my blood.

Thought to myself, science experiment another thing I loved doing as a kid was inspecting insects 🤔🙃.

Anyway back to my experiment, today was the one day I hadn’t brought the Thermacell to bed with me so I had to climb down the ladder and find it so I could see if indeed this thing works.

So it’s supposed to work up to 21 m squared. So my tent area is a breeze. And it bloody worked after the initial warm up time of 5 minutes there is now not one blood sucking vampire left knocking on my screen windows. Who said you need garlic 😊.

So if your out there camping I highly recommend if your blood is clearly as juicy as mine buy yourself a Thermacell.


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