Take the weather with you πŸŒ¬πŸŒ§

So last night in Emu Park was a hoot. Picture this…..so 50km winds at home you don’t even think about them. Now I want you to imagine what 50km winds are like in a rooftop tent 😳. Rain waking me up and wind blowing through like a freight train (another great song). Let me just tell you 50km winds in the top floor apartment feels like 100km winds, then the awning comes loose and starts flapping.

This is when the fun begins πŸ₯΄. Again imagine in your head what should be an elegant lady in her pink pjs climbing down the ladder like a beautiful gazelle.

Well I should really take the advice of my friends and start wearing my gopro everywhere. Because it was anything but a gazelle. I missed every rung, slipped down that ladder like it was a pole, then jumped up on my feet when I landed like a ninja πŸ₯·.

Then mission, get the awning down quick smart. I swang into action. I don’t think I’ve moved so quick. Back up the ladder and into the penthouse, with a big grin on my face.

And then once all the adrenalin wore off……..oh my arse 🀣…between the wind, rain and ninja moves worst night sleep so far.

I’m starting to think, the crowded house song, weather with you is becoming a theme.

Since my planned leave date of the 1 March, weather has been hanging around like a bad smell.

The guide on Fraser Island assured us that it never rains on Fraser Island when he does the 4wd tours…….well it rained all day.

And now my plan for Yeppoon Emu Park and Keppel Islands was to go snorkelling in the beautiful blue ocean and take a trip out to Keppel…..🚨 Rain is forecast.

Then this morning checked out the weather ahead……rain rain rain 🌧 🀣.

So today as I drive away from Emu Park Crowded House will be blasting followed by other rain inspired songs.

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