So yesterday a roadtrip began at sunrise and off to a bug round road trip to cooktown then down through the coast road of the beautiful Daintree Rainforest.

I had a co-pilot and tourguide today Brad a mate of my good friends Nicole and Mark. And thank God he came because there is no way I could have made it all the way to Cooktown and back again in a day.

With so many beautiful look outs and beaches to stop at, even found a market in Port Douglas with not one pretty thing bought, because technically GWS earrings are not pretty πŸ˜πŸ§‘πŸ–€.7

Next stop Mossman Gorge. Beautiful spot would have loved a swim however conditions had the swimming closed for the day. The place is absolutely gorgeous water is so clear and cool to dip your feet in. Definitely looking for more waterfalls over the next few days.

Then it was the drive to Cooktown up through the Hinterland and onto the Great Dividing Range. A long long straight road with a few pub stop and breathalysed by a copper who looked like he had been around this area a bloody long time. And the most incredible black rock mountains I have ever seen.

Then although Brad assured me my car which is a MuX is a 2wd not a 4wd would be fine, there was river crossing that had me a little nervous. But what a great time the rainforest the winding and steep roads absolutely made the trip. It wasn’t till the end he decided to let me know he’d never driven it. I have a sense of humour so we both laughed at the end when we talked about a few rover crossing that were definitely higher than we thought 🀣. So if your ever up here I recommend getting a 4wd and doing that coastal drive through the daintree. You might even see a croc. Mine you had to zoom in to see but he’s still there.

All in all an epic adventure I won’t forget ✌️.

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