Don’t go chasing waterfalls…..

I will always chase a waterfalls and these are just the beginning here in far north Queensland.

Tourism in Cairns has been impacted, you can see by the amount of closed shops in our first stop of Kuranda, however I’ve met quite a few overseas travellers mainly from Germany so they are coming back.

Kuranda markets are worth the drive again you can see by missing market stalls the impact of covid. However Barron Falls is so worth the visit to this little part of Cairns.

With all the recent rain Barraon falls was flowing not the most water it can take however still a beautiful waterfall to see.

Then we ventured off to Crystal Cascades, great easy walk to my own private pool. So cold and refreshing. If the rainfall had been less when we visited I definitely would have been more adventurous. Crystal Cascades is only about 20 minutes away. This is only the beginning. From Cairns down the coast towards Innisfail and up to Atherton Tablelands I’m heading, so watch this space as more adventures unfold.

#waterfalls #mesmerising #cairns

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