Cairns I think I’m in love ðŸ¥°

I’m telling you the beaches, the coffee, the water, the waterfalls, the walks, I could go on and on. And this is Cairns in winter. I am on a mission to be able to live for warm weather and Cairns is definately on the list.

I have taken so many photos I wish I could share them all.

One of my favourite places was a little town called Babinda, and it is there you will find also quite possibly the best little old school bakery with the good old real cream bun and pies to die for.

But wait once you have stopped for your morning coffee and pie you then get the pleasure of driving about 15 minutes to Babinda Boulders.

OMG the water is crystal clear and when it isnt moving too swiftly turtles and platypus are found hiding under rocks and swimming around. Unfortunately for me neither were present. However I couldnt resist a dip in.

Seriously the photos don’t do this justice it was just breathtaking. Just remember to bring your mozzie spray. I think this could quite possibly be my favourite place, only about 50 minutes south of Cairns. And surrounded by beautiful rainforest.

Then about 15 minutes down the road further another magnificent waterfall. Now this one was a little rough and I wasn’t as gutsy as some were climbing the big rock and using the falls as a waterside. I chickened out. But next time hopefully the water won’t be as rough.

Another highlight was a visit to the botanical gardens. Two good bush walks with Maria and a wander around the garden itself another day. So many plants and flowers I have never seen before……one word  stunning!!!!!!!!

And did I tell you Markets …..Rustys Markets cheap fresh beautiful food, filled my belly with freshly made samosa and coffee, fresh fruit and veg to die for.

Oh and tally on shit that kills you or are gross:                               3 cane toads so far, 1 crocodile 🐊  had to zoom but it was there, 1 box jelly Maria and Adam found washed up on beach (yikes) and some bush that frigging stings you! …….on a good note not one has got me yet

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